jueves, 29 de abril de 2010


2- Writing about facebook is like writing about Gossip (why don't we just watch gossip girl and write about it)
3- I hate farmville
4- The facebook chat doesn't always work well
5- It becomes a lose of time
6- There should be a different one for adults
7- I don't like that everyone can see your pictures
8- I don't like how fast gossip spreads
9- I don't like the rumors it creates
14- I don't like the kiss of the day application
15- I don't like the fish tank application
16- I don't like that you have to install the application to see notifications you get of people writing about you

10- I like you can connect with people from far away
11- I like you can share pictures
12- I like that you can bump into really funny pictures
13- I don't join many groups any more but its fun to read what they are about because sometimes its funny stuff.
17- I like wall posts
18- Since I used to live in Mexico City I like to see pictures of what my friends are doing.
19- You can share with everyone interesting things you find in the web (pics, videos, articles, songs)
20- Its cool that some artists have Facebook and they upload pictures of their concerts or posts about their next show.

jueves, 25 de marzo de 2010

The products that are being created now a days have unimaginable technological potential. This product gives us access to new things plus it includes great advantages that we have now a days. When the video started I wasn't that amazed because I couldn't imagine how the things he introduces could be put together to form such an amazing machine. Indeed the future will be far different than what I have always imagined because things like this invention weren't included in my perspective of the future.

Although I like technology and believe it has been a great determinant in human evolution I believe we also have to be aware of its dangers. Like in the movie "I Robot" people have become so dependent on technology that they can't do anything by themselves, not only that but maybe one day technology will out run us. We have always thought of that idea as to far in the future as to even consider it but after seeing this video and how fast the human being is progressing I don't believe it to be further than 100 years away.

The fact that the product will be open source can be either considered a positive or negative. Technological inventions have to be used wisely and not everyone is able to do that. If inventions like these are available to everyone life in society will be funner and even more interesting but somehow it scares me just to think of it, I would say I'm rather a more simple guy that would like all technological investigations headed toward saving the environment cause if we don't we won't even have a place to use all this TOYS that we are creating.

jueves, 25 de febrero de 2010


Since I went to asomex I am only half way through finishing my video but this is my opinion regarding my classmates work. Ariadne did a great job correlating the image speed and scences with the music, but what I must enjoyed was the message she tried to transmit congrats. Vallarta's work was well edited and I liked how he discarded the other sodas and threw them out. The master-card announcements were funny but just the same as those in real life. Rudy did an awesome work combining three different football videos. After watching this videos I don't plan on changing anything on mine. My vote will probably go to Rudy.

lunes, 22 de febrero de 2010

Making a Commercial (wakeboarding)

I´m actually really excited about this project because I have always wanted to edit a sports video. If their was wind I would've liked to make a kiteboarding video but since there is none a wake boarding one can be good. The commercial will be about the board and boots edited with some nice music and effects. I have never edited a video before so I don't expect something amazing but I'm sure it will be great practice for when I want to edit one of my own.

martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009

Don't Like wrighting about these but here it goes

It is a very sad story but if we trace the steps to the beginning it was her fault. No one ever forced the girl to send those pictures. It wouldn't be wrong to say that the ex boyfriend was a complete #$%&^ by doing that to the girl that used to love him, but I beleive that the girl should have thought more before sending the pictures.

The parents shouldn't try to sue the school. The only thing the school can do is expel the ex boyfriend who is the one that started the madness. Other than that there is no one else to blame or other actions to take because it would probably include all the boys from that high school. The parents say that the school used have taken the issue more seriously and apply tougher rules but what would it change all the students had seen the picture. I actually think its sad, parents trying to make money out of their daughters death.


Wow I believe this is the best project we will do in all year. I would like to edit a kite boarding video of me but since there is no wind I will have to think of something else. The first thing that pops to my head is a wake boarding video. The basic things that I would like to learn how to edit on it are the music, slow motion, and maybe some color changing visuals that go with the music or something like that. I beleive that I will get either Diego or Ruslan to shoot the video cause I always go wakeboarding with either of them.

jueves, 10 de diciembre de 2009

Facebook new rules and involvement with school

I would say the new implementations are good because the less we know about each other the better. I would say they were created for pure security and because some people were not happy with how easy gossip was spreading because of facebook. There is no reason for them no to be successful because the modifications were obviously done according to the necessity of the majority of the users. I believe this won´t affect the way I use facebook cause I limit my use of it to only the basics (looking at pictures and connecting with old friends).

Posting quotes or videos on facebook without the concern of others should be no problem as long as people know how to set the privacy settings on what they are posting and if someone does something completely inappropriate it should be handled with fists. The school should not enter our facebook nor should we post anything that in any way could involve the school in a serious way. Again the less the school knows about their students the better. If the school finds out about any situation like these depending on the content of what they found the students attention must be called but I can´t think of any case that a student should receive a severe punishment.